Low Speed Dental Handpiece FAQs

◎Fault 1: Themotor does not rotate

Fault reasons and solutions:

(1) Insufficient driving air pressure: adjust the air pressure to the normal level, generally 0.25~0.30 MPa.

(2) The motor reversing ring (F for forward rotation, R for reverse rotation) is in the middle "O" position: to the required steering, just rotate the reversing ring to the maximum position.

(3) Insufficient lubrication, causing the dirt to cause the rotor to be stuck: remove the pressure ring at the front end of the motor, take out the front bearing seat and the rotor assembly, and clean them. After cleaning, add oil and lubricate them. There are tiny springs in the rotor assembly, be careful not to lose them.



Fault 2: When the straight handpiece is connected to the motor, the straight handpiece does not turn

Fault reasons and solutions:

(1) After the bur is clamped by the straight handpiece, the rotary sleeve is not screwed in place: tighten the rotary sleeve to ensure that the bur is firmly clamped.

(2) There are foreign objects in the straight handpiece: use a handpiece oil spray to clean out the foreign objects.

(3) Insufficient cleaning and lubrication, rusty internal parts: disassemble the straight handpiece with special tools, and replace rusted parts (shaft clamps, steel balls, bearings, middle drive shafts, etc.).

air motor


◎Fault 3: The contra angle slips during operation, and the bur swings violently or does not turn.

Fault reasons and solutions:

(1) The contra angle middle gear is worn and damaged: disassemble the head and neck of the contra angle, take out the middle gear, and replace the damaged parts.

(2) The head cartridge is damaged: replace the cartridge.

contra angle

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