How to install the bearings of high speed handpiece?

Today I will talk about the bearing installation of high-speed handpiece SD-502 M4.

Dental Handpiece


1. First take out the tool, turn and unscrew the handle, pick up 2 molds No.8 and No.11, put No.8 into handle A, and No. 11 into handle B, and then put the bearings into Inside the holes of mold No. 8 and No. 11, (here pay attention to the direction of the bearing, the black faces upward), then put the spindle structure into the inner ring of the bearing of handle A, then align the upper and lower handles with rotation and fix them, and rotate the upper and lower handles until Until there is resistance, loosen the handle in the opposite direction, so that the bearing are installed.


2. Install the bearing cap, pick up the bearing cap and put it on the front bearing, then install the No. 3 mold on the handle B, align the upper and lower handles and rotate and lock them until there is resistance.


3. Install the seal, put No. 10 mold into handle B, and put the oil seal on the spindle. Align and rotate and lock them until there is resistance.


4. Put on the sealing ring, and the maintenance of the cartridge is completed. Insert the cartridge into dental handpiece, and tighten the back cover with a spanner. Finally working with the dental handpiece

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