What is Zero Back Suction for Dental Handpieces?


The moment the high-speed turbine handpiece stops working, the cartridge will rotate inertially, and the dental handpiece head will change from high pressure to negative pressure, sucking the saliva and blood in the patient's mouth back into the dental handpiece. Dental handpieces with a zero-back suction system can effectively prevent air pressure back-suction when the handpiece stops working, effectively improve the conversion rate of air pressure energy in the dental handpiece head, prevent foreign matter from entering the dental handpiece head, and effectively extend the service life of the high speed dental handpiece.

Experimental results show that:

SD-401 M4 PLUS zero back suction constant pressure high speed dental handpiece

100% zero suction back, prevent foreign matter such as blood and germs from entering the dental handpiece and causing cross-infection.

dental handpiece

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