Issues to be aware of when using burs

1. The selected bur should not be easily deformed, have high stability and fracture resistance, no tip collapse or sand removal, and good concentricity during rotation.

2. Appropriate force (30-60g) should be applied during cutting to cut tooth tissue sequentially and effectively.

3. Attention should be paid to the speed of the bur, especially when operating large-diameter burs and coarse-grained burs. If the bur speed is too high, excessive heat will be generated, causing damage to the pulp and tooth tissue.

4. Do not forcibly insert the bur into the turbine. If there is any difficulty in installation, carefully check the handpiece and the bur.

5. Please pay attention to the FG logo on the package, which is the bur used on high-speed turbines.

6. Disinfect and sterilize the bur before each use. Burs should be cleaned frequently with a nylon brush or ultrasonic cleaner. Autoclave the burs at 135 degrees for at least 10 minutes.

7. After disinfection or cleaning, dry the bur and store it in a clean and moisture-free environment.

8. It is common in clinical practice that the tip of the diamond bur wears faster than the tail end. At this time, pay attention to replacing the bur in time to avoid low cutting efficiency.

9. When using the cooling water of the turbine, it should reach 50ml per minute.

10. After the tungsten steel bur is used, it should be cleaned and then disinfected with high temperature and high pressure. Do not use chlorine-containing disinfectant to soak the bur, otherwise the tungsten steel bur will become rusty and dull.

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