How to choose a bur?


Faced with so many varieties of burs, how do we choose?



Know specifications of burs

Read the information on the bur map or packaging.

This icon tells us the maximum speed, granularity, length of the working part, total length of the bur, sequence code, shape and other information of the bur.

 diamond burs


Bur color code

The particle size of burs can basically be divided into five types: extra-fine, fine, standard, coarse, and super-coarse.

Black : super coarse grinding needle, add S after the number to indicate (TC-11S)

Green: rough grinding needle, add C after the number (TC-11C)

Blue: standard grinding needle, no letter after the number (TC-11)

Red: fine grinding needle, add F after the number (TC-11F)

Yellow: polished bur, add EF after the number (TC-11EF)

high speed handpiece burs

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