Application of different shaped burs

Choosing a suitable bur can not only improve the accuracy of the work, but also save the operation time.

Diamond burs

S1 Spherical

For initial cavity formation, groove preparation and depth marking during tooth preparation.


S2 inverted cone

Can be used for amalgam removal, or for occlusal revision.


S3 pear shape

Can be used for occlusal modification, cavity preparation and amalgam removal.

Diamond burs

S4 Cylindrical split drill

It can be used for the preparation of joint margins and the preparation of proximal or box cavities for porcelain inlays/onlays and crowns.


S5 round head split drill

It can be used for tooth preparation of broken crowns and all-ceramic crowns, and the large model can be used to prepare deep positioning grooves on the occlusal surface.


S6 conical split drill

It can be used for shoulder preparation, inlay and onlay preparation. Can also be used for teeth and preparations with sharp axis angles and oblique

Surface or reflective surface to complete the modification of the line.

Diamond burs

LH long head burs Rugby ball, tapered round point, tapered flat point

It can be used for rapid preparation of crown/bridge and porcelain crown, removal of gold, metal and silver amalgam.


C46/CF246 multi-edged bur

Can be used for back teeth polishing.

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