How to carry out safe and efficient root canal preparation?


Preparation of intramedullary access

Remove carious tissue and preserve healthy tooth structure

Thoroughly remove the roof of the pulp chamber and remove the pulp tissue in the pulp chamber

Detect and determine the number and location of root canal openings

Creates access for instruments directly into the root canal


Root canal dredging

Gently insert the file into the root canal, rotate clockwise 15~30°, then counterclockwise 15~30°, infiltrate toward the root tip, and slightly lift and dredge the root canal


Access creation is a very important step in the root canal treatment process

The significance of obtaining smooth root canal access:

Helps to fully understand the anatomy of the root canal that needs to be prepared

Can reduce the risk of mechanical instrument breakage


Risks of creating root canal access with hand stainless steel files

The tip of the needle may be stuck in the wall of the root canal. If the needle is not removed but force is applied to the apex, the instrument may eventually break and may cause filling difficulties.

Due to the high hardness and insufficient flexibility of the stainless steel material itself, the following deviations often cause root canal deviation

In severe cases, it may cause lateral penetration of the root canal, widening of the apical foramen, and straightening of the curved part of the root canal.

Clinical Advantages of ProGlider

Compared with hand instruments, ProGlider can better maintain the original anatomical structure of the root canal, and significantly reduce the occurrence of deviations such as root tip pull, steps and root canal deviation

ProGlider is suitable for most root canals including highly curved canals

Root Canal Preparation Machine

root canal preparationRoot Canal Preparation Machine

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