Dentist how to choose a good surgical dental handpiece for tooth extraction?


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Why do some patients have emphysema after tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a surgical operation, so the trauma area is relatively large; when the dentist uses a high-speed turbine handpiece to remove bone and cut tooth tissue under the condition of improper selection of instruments, the high speed dental handpiece with air outlet at the front will spray a strong airflow along the wound opening into the loose subcutaneous tissue. Cellular tissue, resulting in different degrees of subcutaneous emphysema, causing wound swelling to the patient.

How to solve the problem of anti emphysema?

Our surgical dental handpiece adopts the back cap exhaust, and the front end has no air outlet, which is 100% anti-emphysema and avoids the occurrence of emphysema.

Surgical dental handpieceSurgical high speed handpiece

  • 100%Prevent emphysema

  • Integrally head design, more stable operation

  • Germany ceramic bearings, Open type cartridge

  • Triple Water Spray

  • Anti suction system 

  • Noise55dB 

    dental handpiece


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