• Portable Dental Unit
  • Portable Dental Unit

Portable Dental Unit

Brand: senda

Product origin: china

Delivery time: within 15 days

Supply capacity: 12000 pcs/month

● Portable and mobile design
● Low weight and rod-type
● Strong, beautiful and light enclosure

Portable Dental Unit


1. Portable and mobile design with low weight and rod-type to make doctors move it freely.

2. Selects the high quality aluminum alloy materials made of strong, beautiful, light portable enclosure,  all configuration installed inside a sturdy box, easy to transport and carry.

3. Complete function: The unit consists of related operation system inside the dental treatment unit, such as air system, water system, high suction and drainage.

4. The comprehensive dental therapy unit to operate more convenient and safe, greatly improve the efficiency of the doctor.

5. Perfect for dental hospital, dental clinics, army and outdoor dental care or treatment establishment.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply:

100V-240VAC 60HZ/50HZ

Power :






Portable Dental unit

portable dental handpiece

dental turbine unit

Standard Accessories:

1. Three way syringe 1pcs

2. Handpiece tube 2pcs

3. Aluminum weak suction 1pcs

4. Built- in oil-less air compressor pump: 1 set

5. 600ml water storage bottle: 1set

6. Round foot control: 1set


LED curing light

built-in ultrasonic scaler

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